Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing is a proven, safe technology that is commonly used to extract oil and natural gas from rock formations miles below the earth’s surface.

Ultra is committed to safety and transparency as we produce essential energy resources, protect the environment, safeguard water supplies, preserve wildlife and support the communities in which we operate. The advent of unconventional natural gas and oil plays have taken development into relatively new areas in the United States where local communities may not be as familiar with the processes and technology used in the production of oil and natural gas resources. One of the processes that is necessary in producing resources from tight sand, shale and rock formations is the application of fracturing stimulation, or hydraulic fracturing as it is more commonly known.

It involves pumping a mixture of water and sand and other proppants together with a small amount of other additives into the low permeability formations to create space in the rock so that oil and gas which would otherwise not be commercially recoverable can flow into the wellbore and production equipment. The combination of hydraulic fracturing and better drilling techniques (horizontal and directional) is largely responsible for the rapidly expanding supply of American natural gas and oil. Properly conducted fracture stimulation is safe, and our operations are regulated at multiple levels.

We want to provide the facts in a transparent fashion, so that all our stakeholders can take comfort in the practices, procedures and technology necessary to find develop and produce these resources. At Ultra, we support public disclosure of the chemical composition of frac fluids, and we are working in full cooperation with Federal and State regulators as well as the Ground Water Protection Council’s (GWPC) hydraulic fracturing registry, which makes this information available to the general public. For comprehensive information on a per well basis, please visit the website www.fracfocus.org.

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