Corporate Responsibility

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest degree of corporate responsibility by encouraging all of our people to limit environmental impact, maintain safe operations, and conduct their daily business with the highest of ethical standards.

Corporate and Social Responsibility
Both the Board of Directors and Management of Ultra Petroleum assume the responsibility to integrate Corporate Responsibility considerations into decision-making throughout the organization. Through our internal policies we ensure that appropriate measures are in place to effectively identify, monitor and manage these issues.

Social Responsibility
Ultra recognizes that both our Environmental, Health and Safety and Social Responsibility performance is of interest to an increasingly broad spectrum of stakeholders, including our employees, our shareholders, local government and communities, non-governmental organizations and others. We are mindful that, in the modern era, a large role is expected of companies by all segments of society and that in the final analysis, our success depends on our performance. Ultra strives to;

  • Uphold basic human rights wherever we operate;
  • Hold the safety of our employees, contractors and neighbors as a core value;
  • Respect neighboring communities and contribute to their development;
  • Build cooperative relationships with our various stakeholders, either directly or through industry organizations; and
  • Support initiatives within our own operations and within the oil and gas industry.

Equal Opportunity
Ultra Petroleum is an equal opportunity employer, committed to recruiting, hiring and promoting qualified people of all backgrounds, regardless of sex; race; color; creed; national origin; disability; religion; age; marital status or any other basis protected by federal, state or local law.

Ultra Petroleum strongly believes that outstanding efforts from its individual employees translate into outstanding results for the organization and ultimately its shareholders. Employees are empowered to act and encouraged to take on additional responsibilities, creating a true entrepreneurial environment. Individual results are rewarded, and the compensation structure at Ultra Petroleum reflects this principle.

The highest standards are demanded in ethical behavior from all of Ultra Petroleum’s stakeholders, including its Board of Directors, management, employees, contractors, and vendors. The Company has implemented an anonymous reporting procedure to provide a means to report any perceived ethical concerns, including accounting, fraud, or human resources issues such as harassment or violations of Company policies. The services of a third party service provider, Lighthouse Services, have been contracted by Ultra Petroleum. Reports may be filed by calling a toll-free anonymous reporting hotline.

The Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee as well as the Compensation and Audit Committees are compromised of independent Directors to ensure thorough transparency and independence from Ultra Petroleum’s Management. The Company’s Code of Ethics is located on the corporate website under the Investor Relations section in the Corporate Governance sub-section. Click on the following link to view the documents. Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.